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2nd September 2015

Rough Cut has now been submitted to the BBFC to be classified for it's cinema release next month. We should know whether it gets a 12A, 15 or 18 certificate in a couple of weeks time.

24th August 2015

The Digital Cinema Package for Rough Cut, which will be needed by the cinemas has now been signed off following the Quality Control screening on a big screen with big sound and Rough Cut is now ready to be shown in cinemas across the country!

16th August 2015

We're pleased to be able to tell you that London based ace film PR specialists Porter Frith Ltd have come on board to deal with the publicity for Rough Cut's cinema release in October! Needless to say, we'll keep you posted about any coverage the film gets - it's all starting to happen! smile emoticon

18th July 2015

Ahead of it's theatrical release on Friday 16th October, the World Premiere of Rough Cut will be held at the Prince Charles Cinema, which is just 30 yards from Leicester Square, on Tuesday 13th October with a red carpet etc. for those attending to walk along into the cinema.

11th July 2015

A decision has been made by a UK cinema chain and we can now announce that Rough Cut will open in at least 12 multiplex cinemas in major cities across the whole country on Friday 16th October! smile emoticon The cinema chain is Showcase Cinemas who have booked Rough Cut for a week from 16th October and will be showing it in the majority of their cinemas.
We are working on the World Premiere which will now take place at the beginning of that week, hopefully in a London West End cinema with a red carpet and all the trimmings! More on that once the details have been finalised!

28th June 2015

We now have a signed distribution agreement with Shami Media Group, the New York based film distributor mentioned in my last post, covering all media for the USA and worldwide, excluding the UK and Eire.

21st June 2015

We have some good news to report on distribution for ROUGH CUT! Firstly, the film’s UK cinema release will now be in early October and will take place in between 10 and 15 multiplex cinemas in major cities across the country. Secondly, we have a distribution deal on the table from a UK distributor covering DVD, VOD, digital and TV for the UK. Finally, as a result of a meeting during our visit to Cannes in May, we have just received an offer from a distributor in the USA covering DVD, VOD, digital and TV worldwide (excluding the territories already covered of course). Although nothing is signed yet, these are all solid propositions which we are almost certainly going to go with - more details to follow as and when contracts are signed.

23rd May 2015

Overall, our time our time at the Cannes Film Festival & Market was encouraging with several distributors and sales agents showing interest in Rough Cut. At the screening of the film, all but one of those who were there at the start stayed until the very end of the film, which was amazing for a market screening where those attending have busy schedules!

7th May 2015

The trailer for Rough Cut is now ready and is avaialble for people to watch ahead of the planned cinema release in September - go to the trailer page to have a look at the trailer.

30th April 2015

We will be attending the Cannes Film Festival & Market in May to promote Rough Cut to buyers from araound the world and, to assist with this, we will be screening the film in the Marché du Film on Tuesday 19th May at 9:45am.

21st January 2015

It's been quite a long road but at last post production of Rough Cut is complete and we will be showing the film to cast and crew in the next week, with screening in Leeds, London, Paris and Port Grimaud.

3rd July 2014

It's a wrap! Shooting of Rough Cut is finished - well don to one and all. It was a massive undertaking and to have completed botht the French shoot and the British shoot on time is nothing short of a miracle.

21st June 2014

Back in the UK getting ready for the second part of the shoot with 10 days in which to shoot all the scenes set in Yorkshire.

30th May 2014

We are in Port Grimaud getting ready to start shooting the French scenes, which make up,70% of the film, in a few days time.

29th June 2013

We will be undertaking our second location recce in the south of France in October, during which we expect to be able to agree use of all the locations we have found so far. We also hope to find and agree all emaining locations during that visit.

Finding the UK loocations we need is now well under way and we expect to be able to agree most of these within the next few months.

17th April 2013

Advance Assurance has been received form HMRC that Riviera Films Ltd (the company we have set up to make Rough Cut) will qualify under the Seed-EIS scheme, allowing investors in shares in the company to get a refund of income tax equal to 50% of their investment and, in addition, to deduct the full amount of their investment from any capital gains they have made, thus saving them capital gains tax.


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