Rough Cut

Producers of Low Budget Independent British Feature Films
Casting for Rough Cut went really well and we were very fortunate to secure the services of some really good actors. Part of the brief was to recruit English actors for English characters in the film, French actors for the French characters, American actors for the American characters and a Russian actor for the Russian character and we succeeded in achieving this so all the accents in the film are genuine.

The lead characters in the story are:

       Carter                              Eloise                          Jacques
     played by                        
played by                       played by
 Stanley J Browne            Angélique Joan                   Matt Gras

And the main supporting cast are:

       Harris                            Philippe                           Nicole                         Gilles                        Anna       
    played by                        played by                        played by                   played by                   played by               
   Darren Day                  Michel Benizri          Mich
èle Belgrand-Hodgson    Tom Cordier              Nicky Talacko           

     Jeremy                            Henri                             Yvonne                Claudine Armand              Conrad
   played by                        played by                        played by                   played by                   played by 
Paul Hurstfield                Laurent Cerulli                  Mélissa Sirol            Vanessa Seydoux         David Coburn

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Rough Cut